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Project Title:                          With arts for more opportunities (WAMOs)
Project Start Date:               2022-05-31
Project Total Duration:       12 months
Project End Date:                  2023-05-31

Project ID:                               2021-2-HU01-KA210-SCH-000049919

Participating partners:

Summary of the project:


On the longer term we wish to CONTRIBUTE TO THE LOWERING OF EARLY SCHOOL LEAVING % in both of our countries, this is the most relevant priority for us. (Current rates are 12,5% in HU and 14% in IT (2020)).

It can’t necessarily be achieved during this project. By strengthening our educators’ professional knowledge, by using tools (eg. with a cultural/arts background) that can make education more interesting for pupils likely to leave school early (and thus motivating them to continue their studies) we can reduce the number of early school leavers in about 2-5 years’ time in our areas.

We would also like to create a network of organisations who work in similar areas, using various art/cultural forms to tackle early school leaving. This project is also A PREPARATION OF A LARGER-SCALE EUROPEAN PROJECT on this subject.


Our direct participant groups are: TEACHERS/ EDUCATORS from both organisations and PUPILS from both institutions.

An important part of the local participants will be “the locals” – as we would like to invite a wider audience to the planned pupil performances/exhibits (eg. parents, the pupils’ friends, and members of the local communities).


M1: kick-off meeting in Miskolc

M2: sum-up meeting in Grosseto

P1: entry measuring

P2: preparation for E1

P3: preparation for E2

E1: short-term staff training in IT

E2: short-term student exchange in IT

P4: measuring after E1, E2

P5: relaying of experience after E1, E2

P6: preparation for E4

P7: preparation for E3

E3: short-term staff training in HU

E4: short-term student exchange in HU

P8: measuring after E3, E4

P9: relaying of experience after E3, E4

P10: fusion of practices, further use

P11: exit measuring

P12: internal evaluation

P13: project management

P14: dissemination/communication

P15: partner search, network extension


PREVENTING EARLY SCHOOL LEAVING a very long-term objective; we’ll deem it a success if none of the project’s participants will drop off their studies.

Numbers about our dissemination activity (how many institutions learn about the best practices, through how many channels) can show how widely can we contribute to the SUPPORTING TEACHERS.

The topic CULTURE AND CREATIVITY is an underlying one throughout the project – music/art education and activities in themselves are a cultural notion; we’ll organize concerts/exhibits during the exchanges (this always attract interest); and we’ll create a new best practice using music education as an incentive against early school leaving.

The INTERNAL EVALUATION of the project (by the key persons’ committee) in May 2023 will go through the project events and all these points mentioned here, to formulate a joint opinion that can be incorporated in the final report.


Participation in this project will GREATLY CONTRIBUTE to both organisation’s development:

- gaining experience in international projects

- having a more compact and motivated staff by the end

- having more motivated pupils

- gaining useful tools and methods for further professional use

- gaining professional recognition among our respective peer schools

- fortifying links to national-level decision-makers (these latter 2 through dissemination).

It is a given that we wish to INCORPORATE the learned outstanding best practices into our respective work programs, this is why we started the cooperation in the first place.

We also wish to continue working on the FUSION OF THE BEST PRACTICES (starting by the end of this project, see activity P10) into a nation-level system of incentives through art/music education/activities.

If the results of the project are overwhelmingly positive, we can renew the experience by a wider partnership – this requires an extended partner search where we’ll look for music education methods that we would love to learn about (and implement if they prove to be a success).


The main goal of kick-off meeting was to get to know each other, to clarify rules, to define tasks and responsibilities, to discuss and finalize the Partnership agreement. We discussed about the whole project: from budget flow to timetable and activities etc. We summarized these as annexes of the Partnership Agreement.
We also used this opportunity to present our Italian partners to some of our teachers in Miskolc. We managed to prepare their upcoming student and teacher exchange and show them some accommodation opportunities in Miskolc and also the venue of the concert for the upcoming student exchange. We organized a meeting with the mayor of Edelény (where the concert will be) and the manager of the community house (which is the concert venue). / Az edelényi polgármesterrel is találkoztunk az Erasmus 2021-2-HU01-KA210-SCH-000049919 azonosítójú, olasz-magyar együttműködésben megvalósuló projekt indító eseményén. A polgármester úr támogatja az edelényi helyszínre tervezett közös koncertet. Felkértük őt, hogy nyissa majd meg az őszre tervezett eseményt.



The project’s most beautiful and most waited event was the student exchange: 18 Italian music student was in Hungary with us, spoiled with lots of various programmes and warm hospitality.
We created a welcome kit for our Italian guests called Guide and useful information. We helped them to organize board and accommodation in Miskolc. The student exchange was from Tuesday (08 November) to Saturday (12 November). During the exchange (from Tuesday to Thursday) they had the chance to take part in rehearsals and also to get to know each other, talk, eat and have fun together. The goal was their joint concert in Edelény Cultural House (it is near Miskolc, some of the participating children are from Edelény) – and they managed to give a fantastic concert together. After that they took part a reception and had the chance to meet other local musiclover children. / Ritkán látható ennyi zenész az Edelényi Művelődési Központ szinpadán, ezt bátran elmondhatjuk. A Symphonia Alapítvány Erasmus Plus projektje keretében az olaszországi Giuseppe Verdi Zeneiskola tanulóival és tanáraival adhattak közös koncertet az edelényi, Miskolc Gesztenyés utcai, Miskolc vasgyári és ónodi telephelyen tanuló diákjaink és tanáraink. A koncertet megelőző közös próbák a Gesztenyés utcai telephelyen, Miskolcon, az Avason zajlottak két napon keresztül. Olasz dalok, Verdi és Sosztakovics művei hangzottak el a koncerten, melynek “házigazdái” Virág Csaba és Kun Alexandra munkacsoport vezetők voltak. Vezényelt: Virág Csaba

Az esemény az Európai Unió Erasmus+ programjának társfinanszírozásával valósult meg.

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