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Help the children of SAMI! 


Families in the ssettlements we work at face hardships in "normal" times, too, but now during the lockdown the most basic things are missing. 

Children are hungry and their educational handycap is rapidly increasing.


SAMISuli works in 17 settlements (21 separate institutions) in Hungary with nearly 1800 children who live in extreme poverty. We witness their daily struggles.

Due to the lockdown, our families are in a desperate situation.

For them "digital education" is unachievable, as they have no access to internet, the necessary devices, have no space or any support for learning, but also it is ever harder to meet their everday needs.

Even the few work opportunites have vanished, and families have less and less money. As time goes by and the lockdown continues, the situation is getting more grave.

There is lack of food, cleaning supplies and medicine. Children are hungry and their educational handycap is growing. 

With your support, we plan to provide all our school-aged children - where needed - tools necessary for learning at home and spending their spare time in a meaningful way, as well as provide families with basic food packages. 

  • For 1500 Ft we can buy basic school supplies for 1 child (task sheets, crayons, coloured pencils, exercies books, coulouring pages, etc) 

  • For 5000 we can provide a weekly basic food package for one family (potatoes, flour, sugar, milk, pasta, etc) 


We ask your support to help our familes and children in need!

Donations can be made to the bank account of  Symphonia Alapítvány 
a CIB Bank Zrt. 10700574-69441417-51500003 

saying: “Covid Donation LOCATION

OUR LOCATIONS: Miskolc (Téglagyár, Egyetem út, Meggyesalja, Gesztenyés út); Ónod; Alsózsolca; Felsőzsolca; Edelény; Tornanádaska; Aszaló; Szikszó; Sajókaza; Tiszaroff; Tiszabő; Pécs; Magyarmecske; Bogádmindszent; Egyházasharaszti; Siklós; Budapest (Óbuda, Újpest).

Donations so far:

323 288 HUF 


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